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Marketing Abroad; Christmas in Copenhagen

As Christmas is fast approaching it seems only fitting that we round of the year with a super festive Marketing Abroad Blog.

Gemmedia’s latest adventure was to uber cool Copenhagen. This Danish city is named as one of the trendiest and happiest Nordic cities – with so much to see, do, explore and eat, we can definitely see why it is ranked so highly.

This Danish wonder on the Nordic coastline doesn’t need to do much to catch people’s attention, and the amount on offer does slightly avert your attention from the oh so subtle marketing techniques, but in true Gemmedia style we scoped out the most effective marketing tools in, undoubtedly, one of the coolest places we have ever ventured to.

Copenhagen is so laidback, its almost horizontal. The cafes offer a tranquil vibe, perfect for a relaxing afternoon to soak up the Danish way of life – most notably the hygge. When in Copenhagen you must eat as the Danish do, which means healthy plates of fresh seafood, various breads and cups of filter coffee. One of our favourites was Paludan Bogcafe (book and coffee shop) for breakfast, The Coffee Collective Jægersborggade for a delectable caffeine kick and Honey for purely delicious Scandinavian dishes.

Copenhagen is all about quality, which is why almost everywhere you will see the globally familiar ‘trip advisor’ sign. Everywhere we travel, this is one marketing theme that just keeps re-appearing.. Almost every leisure spot that has been enjoyed by one traveller or another will be the proud owner of the trip advisor sticker. This is one of the most effective marketing tools there is for leisure businesses, and for good reason. When people travel or spend their money on the luxury of eating out they want to know that they will be receiving quality. The TripAdvisor certificate of excellence is the most organic way for a business to demonstrate their quality and attract customers - we are keen TripAdvisor followers and haven’t yet been disappointed.

At night Copenhagen turns in to flurry of colourful lights. Its majestic buildings are lit up in eerie awesomeness and the quaint waterways sparkle with fairy lights. These make for a stunning stroll through the city and act as a guiding light to draw you in to welcoming bars and restaurants. We found this aesthetically pleasing marketing tool suitably subtle for the easy-going Danish vibe.

As with any Gememdia trip, shopping was a high priority and in Copenhagen, the clean cut Danish fashion makes it almost unavoidable. Shops use the iconic scandi-chic style to market their clothing and brand irresistibly. Shop windows look like pages ripped from Vogue and the crisp interiors make you want to cosy up and call it home.

At this time of year, shopping is even more enjoyable as malls and streets are adorned in festive lights in true Christmas marketing style, which made us feel fittingly festive. At Gemmedia, Christmas campaign marketing is top of our list at and Copenhagen definitely did it right. Our long weekend put us in full Christmas spirit and we didn’t want to leave this scandi-haven.

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