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GEM MEDIA Sponsor Fundraiser Fashion Outreach Amsterdam

GEM MEDIA have sponsored Fashion Outreach as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for 2017.

Fashion Outreach is a non-profit-organisation that aims to transform the lives of people in need, this includes people from all different walks of life. The Charity is run by the youth that have dedicated their skills, talents and life experiences into building a platform which will create change for people in need.

Fashion Outreach aims to aid and empower people that find themselves in desperate situations by raising funds and awareness to support various causes. This January 2017, Fashion Outreach have decided to create change for the homeless in Amsterdam.

There are over 27,000 individuals who are homeless in the Netherlands with approximately 40% of them being migrants from a non-western background and 20% with a western background. About 20% of these people have no shelters to seek refuge in during the cold winter which results in the streets and public benches becoming their home. Although we cannot eradicate this situation completely, we believe that with joint hands, we can work together to alleviate the situation and help create a safer and more comfortable community for these individuals. This therefore leads to the birth of the FACE OF WINTER campaign.

FACE OF WINTER will raise funds to support shelters in accommodating more homeless individuals, provide the appropriate clothing during the winter and also help launch research into the main causes of homelessness.

Combined, GEM MEDIA and Fashion Outreach have utilised social media, radio and television advertisements to find participants to partake in this event and become the 'Face of Winter'. The search for entrants is completed & closed.

Participants will be screened through an audition whereby the 4 selected candidates will compete against each other. The competition will be separated into two parts; candidates will showcase any hidden talent in the first part and in the second part they will give a presentation on an existing problem in a given community or country and then propose a solution for it. In addition, there will be a fashion show and entertainment provided by other cultural organisations in the Netherlands.

To help raise awareness and funds, Fashion Outreach also sell T-shirts which are branded with different messages to suit various causes. The aim is to use fashion as a tool to giving back. For Fashion Outreach Amsterdam, you can purchase PEACE T-shirts for 20 Euros each.

By sponsoring Fashion Outreach, GEM MEDIA will offer Marketing services to help contribute raising awareness in Amsterdam as well as Event Management on the day.

To take part in the event, buy tickets or buy a t-shirt please email

To purchase a ticket to the event, please click here:

If you cannot make the event, but would like to make a donation please also click here:

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