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How to approach your February Marketing

Thank goodness January is nearly over! That sure did feel like the longest month ever and whilst GEM MEDIA were busy planning the year ahead, putting new frameworks in place and getting maximum exposure for our clients, it dawned on us that February is an exciting time for Marketers.

February – Put a little love into your Content Marketing.

We love February because it’s the shortest month of the year and it’s filled with events and holidays, that make perfect content opportunity for businesses to attract retain and engage desired target audiences.

In February, you have Valentine’s day, Pancake Day, Super Bowl, National Apprenticeship Week, World Orphan Week, World Cancer Day and the Oscars. All of which enable your business to stand out from the day to day marketing by having creative and relevant content.

Marketing for ST. Valentines Day

Beyond chocolates and flowers, ST. Valentine’s day is a great opportunity for online retailers to reach their audience and win sales. For example, if the customer is shopping on your website, it is vital that the artwork on the homepage is designed to shout out ‘Valentine’s day!' and if they look at a particular product, make sure this product follows them on to other sites. Re-targeting marketing is vital for e-commerce businesses and will definitely ensure your product is at the forefront of the consumer’s mind when they think ‘Valentines!’.

Another idea for retailers would be to create a Valentine’s gift guide, to distribute to the database via e-mail marketing. It is likely the consumer will open the email as the topic is current and click through to the website.

TIP: Don’t forget to set-up your Google analytics to see how many click-through’s you've received from the e-mail and the journey the customer took when they landed on to your website. This will help determine the success of future marketing campaigns.

If your business is not predominately online retail and you run a restaurant, for example, why not utilise Social Media to share a competition? Everyone loves a freebie and it could be a good exercise for your business to generate shares, retweets and gain more likes/follows.

Although most of these points mentioned are digital, do not forget to incorporate the Valentines theme to your offline premises with Point of sale and event decor. Be everywhere this Valentine's and touch ensure you reach your customer at all touchpoint and you can be assured that your business will boost sales!

Integrating February event themes into your marketing strategy provides a unique and tailored opportunity to reach your target audience in a creative way.

Contact GEM MEDIA and let us leverage success for your business on these widely celebrated days. Email today and find out how we can create your themed artwork, execute the campaign and deliver a ROI!

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