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Avoid Jeopardising Your Business With Paid Followers

Running a business and getting your organic posts in front of your fans has become so difficult, so what can you do to ensure your Social media channels are driving traffic, leads and sales?

Buying followers is not the answer!

Lately Sophie and I are astonished by the number of SME owners asking us if they should buy their followers. Here are the reasons why we advise strongly against it.

Who are they?!

The followers you buy have no relationship with you or your brand. They are just a number and will not engage with your updates.

Even more problems!

Your engagement is low anyway, so why would you want to go and further delay it by having an audience who are not listening to you and will not see what you are posting.

Your business will become SPAM.

How can you engage with local businesses when your newsfeed will be robotic spam accounts? Liking their updates will be irrelevant, further preventing you from interacting with your desired audience.

You can jeopardise your brand.

If your audience find out you're becoming a spam account, your brand could lose credibility, preventing them from wanting to follow you, so your number of followers will decrease, in addition to your engagement levels.

You could get banned from the social network!

All social networks state buying followers is against their T&C’s and this could result in your business accounts being closed down.

Paid followers are not going to make your online presence successful.

We understand Social Media only works if you have fans or followers, however it is important you have the right people engaging with your brand. If your brand has 100 followers and you want more, focus on the 100 you do have and how to engage with them first.

Coming up next: How to increase your social media followers organically. GEM MEDIA have gone from 600, to 1600 in 3 months from trying out new tactics! Give us a follow -----> @gemmediamk

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