NYC –The Advertising City!

The big apple. The city that never sleeps. Both comments so accurate.

I visited New York City last week for a Valentine’s break and was amazed by the vast advertising opportunities and the style of them in comparison to the UK. Think of the lights at Piccadilly Circus, it was like that, but bigger and everywhere. A digital revolution.

I boarded Norweigan Airway and when I arrived at JFK, I hopped on the Airbus to Jamaican Street and got the subway to Penn Station. Looking like typical tourists with our luggage and no idea how to use the ticket machine, we got speaking with a genuine New Yorker who advised us to get a metro card and take the ‘4th block’. We got out the station and my mouth dropped.

The bright lights, the hustle and bustle and a city oozing with different types of businesses from American diners, Taco Vans, Mexican restaurants, Bronx rap artists selling albums on Broadway and the high end designers on 5th Avenue just amazed me and I knew I was in for a fun and exciting trip!

We checked in at Hotel Edison on 48th Street, 8th Avenue within walking distance of Times Square. The perfect location and all thanks to U&I Concierge for booking.

At this point a Starbucks was essential! (Which by the way are located on almost every corner and are 10x bigger than the UK Starbucks, including the actual size of the coffee itself!)

Everywhere we went, it was lovely to be reminded of Valentine’s Day.

A seasonal promotion is so important for your audience because Marketing is all about Customer psychology and relating to their thought process. I was thinking about Valentine’s, so I was more inclined to visit the bars/restaurants advertising this event.