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Instagram followers are dropping and it could be your fault.

Every Social Media Manager knows how frustrating Instagram has been lately. We try so hard to increase our following and post daily, then 10 hours later we’ve dropped 20 followers.

We’ve seen the frustration on Twitter and most of us are blaming the changes of algorithms, but the truth is Instagram engagement is 15x higher than Facebook and 20x higher than Twitter and is only getting better.

So what are these algorithms everyone is talking about?

There is so much content being shared on Instagram that according to Instagram ‘people miss 70% of content on their news feed’. As the social media platforms continues to grow, they need to order the posts you see in your newsfeed and this is done on the likelihood that they will be interested in your content, your relationship with the person and the timing of your post. In other words, Instagram are prioritising content that you care about. The ‘best-first’ algorithm.

As a Social Media Manager it is our duty to provide our followers with content that we think will be interesting to them. If our users ‘like’ our posts and comment this will suggest a high level of engagement to Instagram and will position our account top of our followers newsfeed.

So why is it your fault?

  • Making your account private.

If your account is private then potential followers cannot see what type of content you post and the time it takes for you to accept the request, they could unfollow.

  • Posting the same content.

You are a media channel and people follow you because you are interesting. If you post the same content they will become bored and unfollow you.

  • Posting too much.

It’s important to post at the right times, but not all the time. Your followers do not want to see back to back posts of your brand in their newsfeed.

  • Ignoring Comments.

If users have taken the time to engage with you, you are doing something right. Do not abuse this positivity by ignoring their comments, as they will not comment again and may unfollow you.

  • Using the wrong hash tags.

Hashtags help you get your brand discovered and attract new followers. If you are using the wrong hashtags new users cannot find you. Posts with one hashtag averages 12.6% more engagement than those without, according to Hootsuite.

  • Having an empty bio.

Potential followers cannot see what your account is about before choosing to follow you and may put you off.

  • Not posting videos.

Not everyone wants to ‘like’ a photo, they want to engage with a video. Enhancing user engagement will result in more followers.

  • Not following other users.

If you are not following other accounts, Instagram will not know you are an active account and it will be harder for you to become more established. Network with others, like and comment and you will notice the same will happen to your account.

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