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10 tips to running your own Marketing Consultancy

Lately we have been asked for advice on starting a Marketing consultancy and we thought sharing the following tips would benefit freelancers, business owners and anyone looking to start up in the world of Marketing.

1. Market yourself

Do you know how many times we come across a “Social Media Expert” with irregular social media postings and a low number of followers, or a “Web Designer” with a poorly designed website? It’s painful to see and as a business owner, please make sure you do your research before appointing the ‘right’ Marketeer to represent and promote your business effectively.

If you are looking to start up a Marketing agency or consultancy, then always market yourself on a personal and professional basis, through Social media, email marketing, updates to your website and face to face meetings.

Have a strong brand and ensure this is consistent on every channel.

2. Share the story

Use your Marketing platforms to promote your business as well as your clients businesses. Interact with them regularly to help increase their following and to inform your audience on what projects you are currently working on.

3. Set a routine

It is bizarre how quick a week flies when you’re in control of your time and it’s important that you achieve everything you set out to do. Set a routine where you allocate certain tasks, i.e Social media updates with your morning coffee.

From managing the following services; Social Media, Web Design, Email Marketing, Graphic Design, PR and Event Management, you will find that allocating certain time slots will help you become super productive and less overwhelmed from swapping project to project.

4. Keep clients in the loop

Whilst you are trying to build your consultancy and raise your profile, it's important that you remember your clients are the most fundamental part to your business. They are your income and they need to know what work you have achieved and your vision for their business marketing. Focus on building relationships and do not let the pressures of everyday life and business come across in your tone of voice.

Make time for each and every one of your clients and over deliver always.

5. Support small business

There are so many small businesses and organisations around you and even if they are not your paying client, they have the potential to be, so share their posts on social media and give free advice where you can.

You never know who may turn into a client and if you support them, they will support you. Build your community.

6. Take time out

When you're promoting a brand daily, it is sometimes difficult to envision the direction you are taking that brand, so it’s very important to take yourself away from the day to day duties and get creative. By doing so, you will think of new ideas to keep your audience entertained and engaged.

Do not become mundane in your Marketing.

7. Research

Make sure that you are keeping an eye on competitors, industry trends and community news. You never know what you may find and this content may work well on yours or your clients Social Media. It is also imperative that you are in tune with industry changes to better position your consultancy as modern marketing expert advice.

8. Keep an events calendar

We find traditional methods of Marketing and Sales like networking and word of mouth are still effective and with the increasing number of event planners in Milton Keynes and London, there is enough going on to help us meet new contacts. Do your research and transfer your findings into a calendar of events.

We thrive upon meeting new people and the more people you connect with, the better your business will be.

If you cannot attend the event, try and monitor the progress of the event on Twitter with the trending hashtag. You will be able to find attendees and understand the nature of event.

9. Ask if they need Marketing

Don’t be afraid to contact new business. If you see a small business online or advertised elsewhere, ask them if they need your services. Don’t wait for the business to come to you. Dedicate 10% of your week to contacting new business and your business will successfully grow.

10. To do lists

We swear by them! Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lists. Try to set goals, lists and be pro-active as much as you can be. Ticking off yours and your clients goals will ensure that you execute your marketing in a way that will bring a return of investment.

We can help you with your business. For consultancy and business mentoring, please email

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