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10 September Content Marketing ideas for your business

Kids are back to school, adults are back to business, the Autumnal weather is here and upcoming winter nights are upon us… so is your business Marketing prepared to shift with the season and welcome new opportunities?

Marketing is all about being in the mind of your consumer and consequently you have to think like them. As the weather makes a huge impact on us Brits, businesses cannot avoid it in marketing communications.

For example, let’s take a look at Fashion Show MK giving their event an Autumnal theme...

XpressoNet Internet Café bringing out their Pumpkin Spiced Latte’s...

U&I announcing their Christmas event....

and La Belle Cake Company advertising their Christmas cookies!

Content Marketing is the process of creating, publishing and distributing content to attract, engage and retain customers, so what content can your business do throughout September?

1. Re-discover Analytics

Have you taken the time to review your Google Analytics and Social Media insights to understand what content from your website is currently performing the best? With this information it will be easier for you to plan your content strategy moving forward. Click here to request a full guide on how to do this for only £49.99.

2. Back to School Buzz

If your Facebook is anything like mine, your newsfeed will be full of proud parents sharing their "back to school" photos. Use this as an opportunity to create a stir in Social Media by posting a “Back to School” promotion for your business. Even if you do not sell school supplies, you can think like a busy parent and identify their ‘pain’ points to better target them with an advert. For example, Floatation knows that a lot of parents have been rushed off their feet throughout Summer and now have the time to relax, hence why they are running a September offer of ‘3 floats for £99’.

3. Community Events

Have you been out of touch with your local community this Summer? Why not host an informal event and invite connections on your Social Media, clients and anyone else you want to meet. The event marketing will provide good content for digital channels and help give your brand some "buzz" about it.

4. Featured Products

Nothing encourages shoppers to make a purchase more than strategic product placement. Your customers are likely to be very busy now they are back at work and in the run up to Christmas, the more quickly they can find something the more likely they will be to buy. Highlight the attractiveness of the product and present it in a logical and irresistible way. If the customer is influenced to make a purchase, they are likely to further explore what else you have to offer.

For example, Personal Chef Eat With Spencer is informing his customers that he is now taking Halloween party bookings...

5. Get prepared for National Awareness Days

Do any of these days apply to your business and can you create a Social Media campaign relevant to this topic?

- 6th Sep: National Read a Book Day

- 8th Sep: International Literacy Day

-13th Sep: Positive Thinking Day

- 21st Sep: International Day of Peace

- 22nd Sep: First day of Autumn

- 22nd Sep: World Car Free Day

- 29th Sep: World Heart Day

Plan ahead and create a compelling image to share across Social Media.

6. First Day of Autumn

A new season calls for a new strategy! Refresh your Social Media with Autumnal ideas. This shouldn't be too difficult with the leaves and landscape changing into beautiful colours. It's the perfect season to get camera happy! By changing your colour scheme, it will show your customers that your business is current and on the ball.

7. Halloween

Plan your "trick or treat" in time for next month.

8. Christmas

Consumers are starting to get festive and in the giving mood, so can your brand do something nice this Christmas to stand out?

9. Create a Lookbook

As this month is all about the orange leaves in fall, it may be advantageous for your business to create a look book which can feature products or services altogether, often seen from e-commerce, fashion and clothing brands, used to inspire the reader. This is a much better method for businesses selling products, as it will help create an emotional connection with your audience, rather than a page of listed items.

10. Competition

When the weather gets colder more people are likely to stay indoors, which means they're more likely to be on Social Media. Why not run a competition to generate business exposure and encourage more likes & shares?

Would you like help putting your Content Calendar together? Get in touch with GEM MEDIA and we will provide the artwork and/or photography for your Social Media channels and a well thought out strategy.

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