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GEM MEDIA is now a columnist in Celebrate MK Magazine!

GEM MEDIA know the importance of integrating all Marketing Communications and whilst we currently focus on Digital campaigns, our clients can now be offered print advertising too.

Each month, GEM MEDIA will have a column in Celebrate MK Magazine, to share upcoming local events in Milton Keynes. On the same page there will be an opportunity for our clients to advertise at a discounted rate. To feature in the December issue, or share your event with us, please email:

Celebrate:MK is a positive, vibrant, free monthly multimedia lifestyle magazine that celebrates the successes of local people and businesses in Milton Keynes through engaging storytelling. Stories are published on at least FIVE Celebrate:MK platforms – the print magazine (soon to be 20,000 copies printed and delivered to homes and businesses in MK), digital magazine, official website and social media.

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