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Fresh February Content Marketing ideas

Finally, January is over! We can now look forward to the fresh delights of Spring and put the love back in to your Marketing this February. We have come up with some ideas to help you with your Blogging and Social Media Marketing this month…

Topics centered around holidays and seasonal events are an easy starting point and a great way to generally get lots of interest, as this is what your consumers are likely to be thinking about.

In February, we have Valentine’s Day so why not launch a single’s or couples event? Or pick a popular product that your customers love and promote it as a Marketing campaign.

An event we are particularly looking forward to this Valentine’s Day is the 6 Course Dining Experience at Fourth and Fifth, Milton Keynes by local entrepreneur and award winning chef Eat with Spencer. (Get your tickets here:

For General Dates this month:

On February 17th, it is ‘Random Acts of Kindness day’, so what can your business do as a random act of kindness? Don’t forget to take part and use the trending hashtag to gain new followers!

  • World Nutella Day, February 5th.

  • National Chopsticks Day, February 6th.

  • National Make a friend day, February 11th.

  • Drink Wine Day, February 18th.

  • National Chocolate Mint Day, February 19th.

  • Love your pet day, February 20th.

  • National Margarita Day, February, February 22nd.

  • Play Tennis Day, February 23rd.

  • National Personal Chef’s Day, February 26th.

  • National Strawberry Day, February 27th.

Why not create some content relevant to the above and keep your social media active and consistent.

Do you need help connecting with new customers? Get in touch!

Meanwhile, have a fabulous February and get in touch if you need help with your monthly Marketing.


Lots of business owners have recently asked us how to monetize their blog, so we are pleased to announce the launch of our new live webinar “Blogging for money” taking place on the 28th February, 6-7pm. Email to register your interest.

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