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5 Ways to Fall into your A/W 2018 Marketing

1. Follow market trends

Research is key and understanding market trends is essential. It’s important to acknowledge that the industry is constantly changing, especially in light of the new season ahead, so undertaking market trend analysis is recommended, and it isn’t as daunting as it sounds...

Keep track of industry influencers & publications, via the powerful tool that is social media. Digital analytics can help you discover trends increasingly searched for by consumers online. Google Trends displays a long-term overview of niche trends, while Google’s Keyword Planner allows you to search the most popular keywords used by your target demographic online, and is the potential scale for using and bidding on them for your business as part of a digital advertising campaign.

2. Learn from competitors

Do not copy others but be sure to observe your competitors. Learn how to innovate. Competitor observation can often give you a good picture of their market positioning and whether they are reacting to new emerging trends this Autumn.

Competitor analysis doesn’t have to cost the earth. By simply reviewing their website, customer reviews and social media channels, it is possible to understand how you compare with your competitors.

Mystery-shop your competitors regularly and see what seasonal changes/promotions they are implementing and put your own spin on this. Explore business models, both successful - John Lewis, and unsuccessful - House of Fraser.

3. Get testimonials

The power of testimonials CANNOT be underestimated and are more effective than any paid advert. Post short case studies or testimonials to your Social media. If appropriate, get your client to do a Vlog. If not, ensure that an image accompanies the testimonial. If there is a particularly brilliant quote, use this. If the client is on social media, tag them so they can also comment on your post and show your online audience what a credible company you are!

4. Plan an autumnal photoshoot

This really is the most stunning time of year to take photos – autumn leaves are glorious shades of gold, amber and rust – great to take pictures having a kick about in the leaves. This will be a lovely casual shoot, wearing wellies, possibly walking the dog, sitting on a park bench with a flask. Update the theme of your Instagram and be sure to attract new followers and gain new sales. Be real, be authentic, be current.

5. Update social media

Your social channels need to be updated regularly, not only because it will improve your SEO rankings, but will ensure your posts reflect the season. What are your sales targets for the last quarter of 2018? Promote your products and services online, with an effective theme and you'll be surprised how many new users relate to your business. Relate with the public, get social and get heard.

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