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5 examples why your business should be working with influencers.

Marketing has evolved and it's no longer about advertising your business with push promotions in as many places as possible. It's about strategically finding where your target market are and engaging with them in a humanised way. That is why influencers, bloggers, micro-influencers and insta-famous people are in demand more so than ever.

Here are 5 examples why your business should be working with bloggers:

  1. More Localised Marketing.

Influencers will have their finger on the pulse, as they'll know what will work locally and will be able to generate sales quickly. There’s no contest really - influencers generate sales, and that’s why so many brands are jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon. They build brand awareness and are the link between a brand and its marketplace - it’s that straightforward! They improve your Social media presence and drive traffic to your website, online store and social media channels, they also help to improve your SEO and backlink profile.

2. People buy off people, and influencers work as fantastic ambassadors.

Their opinions are trusted, and consumers are more likely to trust the opinions of their peers rather than the "sell" which the brand would be construed as doing. The hard sell is a thing of the past. People buy people, and influencers have such authority now that 84% of consumers make a purchase after reading about a product or service on a blog – that’s almost 9 in 10 people! Influencers aren’t called influencers for nothing. It’s in their best interest to be transparent, too, so will include a disclaimer if gifted a product, or paid to promote a product. They’re also more likely to decline an opportunity that is not the right fit. Morally and ethically this will put your business in a good light, as you’ll only be working with influencers that really support your vision.

3. Reach a new audience as you wouldn't necessarily have the same audience as the influencer.

Influencers make it their business to know who their audience is, and therefore the correct target market. Influencers have huge insight into their followers, how best to engage with them, and with social media can have such a far-reaching impact.They give brands access to their target market, as they have a very targeted following of people in the same demographic that brands can tap into if they are savvy with their prospecting and outreach.

4. More realistic. The voice of an ambassador will be different from that behind a Marketing manager.

A marketing manager will be well versed in the company culture and will therefore have particular processes, policies and procedures that need to be adhered to. This could perhaps be a hindrance, and therefore he would find it more of a challenge to be objective. An ambassador, on the other hand, has no bias, but will hold a different passion and thus have a more realistic approach to the business.

5. Although influencers will post via social media channels, they are likely to also use word-of-mouth marketing by telling peers about their latest partnership.

Because no one likes a braggart, having an influencer start the conversation for you will have a more positive outcome. Because they have bought into the brand, but don't "own" it, they're able to be objective. Word of mouth IS the strongest endorsement any business can ask for from an influencer, more effective than any paid advert. Influencers are engaged, as their whole job relies on how engaged their followers are, and how much reach they receive, so there’s no denying that influencers will spread the word about their latest partnership - it’s in their best interest.

Gem Media has a huge database of influencers ready to connect with your brand. Get in touch to see how we can get your brand heard.

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