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Does blogging help your business?

Every business should have a ...

B usiness

L eads

O rganically

G enerated.

Blogging can help your business in many ways. Every business needs to showcase their products and/or services.

Blogging is ideal for brand awareness, website traffic, lead generation, and sales. If you want to show you’re in the know, you need a blog.

The three best things about blogging are:

1. It is free to write.

2. It is free to post.

3. It is free to appear on Search engines.

Having new and updated content on your blog will give your audience a reason to stay on your website and look around to see all your company has to offer.


Search Engine Optimization is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google's index. Each blog you publish can be indexed by search engines, and therefore offers far more opportunities to be discovered online than if you had no business blog. Keep blogging and you will keep attracting organic traffic to your website, through your blog.


These are new visitors who are finding you because of your content on your blog and not because they are searching directly for your business and your company name. You are expanding the circle of awareness and opportunity for your business by releasing regular blog posts.

Remember that generating blog momentum takes time and commitment - not too different from investing; the sooner you start, the sooner you see results. Plan on doing weekly articles to get heard in today's competitive marketplace.


Content is the driving force of successful marketing these days. The key words on the page help your target audience find you. Whether using a search engine like Google, or a social sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your audience will use keywords to find you – and that means written content in all forms.

Address a topic in depth in a blog article.

You can focus on a keyword topic relevant to your business and of interest to your prospects. Go in depth, be unique and thorough, add valuable resources, and make the blog article truly remarkable in addressing the topic.

Answer commonly asked questions about your business.

A blog allows you to answer commonly asked questions so you only have to respond once. You can then easily refer to the response with a link in follow-up communications. This can be particularly valuable for customer service and sales associates who are frequently responsible for answering customer questions, not to mention when you are simply trying to be helpful.

Become an industry expert.

Chances are if you have been working in your niche or industry for any length of time, you probably have a wealth of content to draw on. This can help your blog become a resource that people interested in your niche will visit over and over again. It means links to your site, and sharing content from your site. It also means getting guest bloggers to contribute, to add even more content and, hopefully, encourage their own followers to visit your site.

Have something valuable to say on social networks.

Quality blog articles give you legitimate material to share on social networks. And, if your content is truly remarkable, your social network will willingly help share and promote it.


  • Be fun and light-hearted, let your passion for your brand or business shine through.

  • Show off your specialism, your followers are interested in your expertise.

  • Posts don’t need to push product - they could be inspirational things that are relevant to your business.

  • Always include hashtags when using Twitter and Instagram.

  • Add your brand/business to anything else relevant to your post

  • Add product code and link to your business page.

  • Check spelling and grammar.

  • Tag brands or businesses you are featuring.

How many times should you share your blog?

Facebook – up to 3 times a week

LinkedIn - up to twice a week

Twitter – up to 3 times a day

Instagram – up to 8 times a week

If you are looking to grow your business,

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