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Wellness is an integral part of Marketing.

Marketing has very much become personalised, selfie orientated and the generation of social media has become self-promoters, so when do Marketeers have time to switch off with an online platform that is pretty much 24/7? There are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon and other sources have said there is a link with social media usage, depression and anxiety.

As a result, It is a good idea for Marketing professionals to reinforce a balanced wellness programme to ensure they are not glued to digital devices and that they are getting plenty of fresh air, exercise and giving their eyes a rest. Alternatively, businesses can look to hire external sources like Gem Media to ensure that your Marketing department are not overwhelmed with the demand of being present on all media platforms.

It will take some time for businesses to adopt a wellness programme and we’d recommend employing a marketing expert and life coach such as GM Marketing to assist, but once this is set up, you’ll have time to let the business “take care of itself” whilst you take care of yourself!

To improve your workplace wellbeing, your company's vision, mission and core purpose should be aligned with your reinvented 2018/2019 culture. Once your organisation begins to focus on the area of Wellness, your audience will see you as more than just a brand, because you are now connecting with them on a social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual and physical level.

A wellness programme begins by carrying out the following steps:

- Analysing your current situation and becoming aware of the time your spending on social media.

Because it is a 24/7 channel, are your working on this in your leisure time? If so, it would be a good idea to introduce a Scheduling software so that the business is still posting out of hours at optimum times, but not manually by you. It is important for you to 'switch off' and have a work/life balance.

- Rewrite your Marketing Strategy.

Remind yourself about your business goals and incorporate your new wellbeing mission to build a strong powerful reputation. By planning ahead you and your business will benefit because it will put less stress on you to achieve everything NOW.

- Set Personal Objectives.

When your happiness and fulfilment is a priority, this will shine through your marketing and enable you to connect with your audience. As Marketers, we have a responsibility to educate our audience with information and knowledge about our business. For this reason it needs to be uplifting and fundamentally life-changing in order for them to shift their views and opinions to become a customer. If you allow more ME time and set some objectives that will help improve your overall health, you'll see a positive impact on the work you are producing. Plus there is no satisfaction like ticking off your to do list!

- Try and include better Fitness & Nutrition choices in your day-to-day lifestyle.

Fuel your mind and body with vitamins and nutrients and try to carry out some exercise everyday. Behavioural changes like this will reduce stress, improve your memory, help you sleep better and boost your overall mood. By taking yourself away from the laptop, you can look from the outside in and identify areas of improvement at work.

If you adhere to your new wellness programme, you will notice improved Health both mentally and physically, as well as increased productivity.

To improve you and your brands wellbeing vision and to get help with your wellness programme please contact us on

We are rolling out our new 'Love Yourself' Life Coaching service in 2019 and aim to help business owners look after themselves on a personal level, in order to run a more successful business.

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