Marketing Trends for 2019

Each year consumers get smarter and Marketing gets harder. Here are some points to follow to ensure your Marketing is top of its game in 2019.

Leveraging Content to the niche markets

Marketing use to be a scatter approach where brands would advertise and hope to get a customer from it. Nowadays, consumers are getting so savvy with ads and seeing more of them that it has become more difficult for brands to stay in the mind of the consumer.

Brands will need to reach the right type of audience so that they are interested in what it is the brand is offering.

In 2019 brands should introduce a funnel to their Marketing approach to leverage their content to a niche audience.

Creating Shareable Content

In recent years, brands have been up against each other to produce lots of content on social media, but with so much noise online now, it’s become harder to get noticed and reach a mass audience.

To reach a larger network beyond the people who ‘follow’ or ‘like your page, you’ll need to strategise your content so that it encourages users to share to their audience.

Some shareable content ideas for this would be; competitions, meme’s, influential marketing & more.

Chat Bots and 24/7 Customer Service

The beauty of online marketing and social media is that it’s so convenient for our customers. They can shop from the comfort of their home and everything is available to them at a touch of a button. To enhance the customer journey and offer more value than the competition, brands will need to step up in 2019 and offer customer service 24/7 too.

Online chat bots can be installed to company websites and social media managers can respond instantly on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

GDPR and Online Security

GDPR was a big topic of Marketing in 2018 and we need to maintain the standards this year, protecting our customer data and advising them on how we do so. If you haven’t figured this out and worried you may not have covered all elements of GDPR within your Marketing, contact Gem Media for a GDPR Audit.

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