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Facebook Ads VS Google Ads: What’s best for your business?

With the number of online advertising options on offer, it can seem daunting to know which one to spend your money on to benefit your company the best.

Figuring out what platform your customers utilise the most, can help you decide where your money is better invested.

Some brands use multiple advertising platforms to enhance their following to their maximum ability, but for other businesses, this may not be as beneficial as it sounds. It's all about understanding your market and choosing the most suitable platform for you and your company.

Looking specifically at Google Ads and Facebook Ads, both offer their customers a paid platform to drive their audience. The main difference is that Facebook is a 'Paid social,' whereas Google Ads offer 'Paid search.'

There are many benefits to each, which we will draw upon to help you decide which (or both) platform to go for to maximise your following.

Facebook Ads allow you to advertise your company on the social media platform, reaching people based on their location, age, gender or even their interests, using the demand generation model.

If your customer following is on social media, then there is no better way to utilise the platform your audience is using then with Facebook Ads. Facebook has billions of users worldwide, so we assure you that your audience is on there somewhere.

Facebook Ads cost a fraction compared to what other marketing channels cost, so is a perfect tool for start-up companies to use when on a budget, especially as it is much more visual and creative.

On the other hand, Google AdWords is a great platform to reach customers who are searching for something your business offers. By doing this, you are advertising specifically to people who are searching for a product or service similar to yours, instantly reaching interested customers.

Helping you generate more traffic and clicks, this search engine strategy works much faster than SEO as your advert is at the top of the page, making it visible to the customer, as well as focusing on multiple keywords at a time.

Similarly to Facebook, Google Ads allows you to target your perfect audience by selecting a target location to appeal to local users.

Both platforms offer the facility for you to measure and see the results of your advert, showcasing how your money is being used to benefit your company.

Depending on your industry and client base, both these platforms can have a massive impact on your audience and drive. Google Ads is perfect for companies to boost traffic to their pages and create immediate sales, whereas if you’re looking to build your brand awareness and grow your audience, Facebook Ads is the way to do it.

If you need help setting up your ads, then contact Gem Media Marketing.

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