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5 Reasons Why Going Live on Social Media is Good For Business

Social media plays a huge role in the success of businesses, as it enhances your brand identity and customer reach. In the digital world, one of the most important ways to get your message through to your consumer is through platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook and Instagram's feature of going ‘Live,’ which in other terms, is a live streaming video that can be viewed by your followers (and non-followers to public accounts.)

There are many benefits that come with 'going Live' on social media, especially for engagement and interaction with your viewers.

Check out our top five reasons to use ‘Live’ for your business here:

1. Personal Brand Identity:

By giving a face to your brand, this helps to build relationships with your customers,

taking it to a personal level and enhancing your brand identity. This intimate approach

will provide a clear insight into your business and see your values, culture and behind the

scenes look at how your business works.

2. Engaging Social Media:

Videos are one of the most interactive and engaging posts that you can include for your

business. It gives your audience something to watch, rather than to read and browse

through. By broadcasting as you go, this will help to build your connections and send

your message across in a fast and simple way.

3. Free Tool for Start-Ups:

The ‘Live’ feature is through to use on social media, so is an organic tool that is perfect

for companies who are just starting up, and also as a free tool which can be utilised. As

well as being cost-effective, it’s also easy and stress-free to use, as you only need to click

a few buttons before going live.

4. Notifies Your Audience:

Your followers on Facebook and Instagram are notified when your business goes ‘live,’

meaning that it enhances your companies reach. This will help to drive traffic to your

page, as it comes to the top of your viewer’s news feed as is streams, helping your

company gain the attention of your followers.

5. Interaction:

There are so ways you can utilise the ‘Live’ feature for your business, such as doing live

questions and answers video. Your watchers can immediately interact with you in the

comment section, allowing you to respond and answer their queries in real time, building

your relationships with your customers.

If you are wanting to go Live, but unsure on what to talk about or when to do it, then speak with us about your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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