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The Rise of Podcasts

Podcasts are an audio platform rising in popularity, as more people begin to listen to them.

You can use podcasts for a variety of purposes including sharing new information, discussing a range of topics or entertaining your audience, which is customisable for the listener.

As figures begin to rise, businesses should take note and adapt to these modern digital changes as podcasts become a valuable marketing tool to help you reach your audience in a more innovative way.

By tapping into the new consumers listening habits, this new platform is perfect for on-demand content, available on mobile and laptop devices.

This could be easily incorporated into your marketing plan as there are many benefits of doing this for your business, including:

*Client Acquisition

Podcasts can help you to reach out to a wider and new audience, as listeners regularly tune in to your audio to keep updated. As long as your content is engaging and your listeners enjoy it, they are likely to keep listening and recommend you to others.

*Creating a highly-engaged target audience

Instead of being content that your audience can just read through, having something for them to listen to makes them much more engaged. It is a very personal experience to listen to someone’s thoughts, and they may feel that they know more about you and your business after doing so.


Podcasts are easy and affordable to produce, so is a perfect marketing tool for start-up companies. As they are delivered digitally, they eliminate costs of print flyers, postage and designing. Creating a podcast does not involve many steps or skills, and once you do a test run, you’ll begin to get the hand of it.

*On- Demand

As marketing goes digital with apps, phone and social media strategies, podcasts are now implemented within this as they audio is portable and transferable. Available across different platforms, there is a high chance you will maximise your audience through doing this.

*Brand Awareness

As your listeners become more aware of your company through consistent podcasts, your company will begin to build its brand through the content you produce through this audio platform. You will be able to create podcasts that reflect your business and showcase your personality through spoken word.

With the future of podcasts evolving, make sure this is something you implement to boost your business.

If you need help with this and want to incorporate podcasts into your Social Media Marketing, then email

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