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How Instagram Removing Likes Can Affect Your Business

Instagram recently revealed that they would be trialing removing likes from your followers on the social media platform. As the account owner, you can still see the numbers behind your posts, but these are not available for those viewing your profile.

By hiding the likes on posts, as well as possibly making follower count less prominent on your profile, our audience and followers can begin to pay attention to the content itself, and not the metrics behind it.

Currently trialing in Canada, if this is something that Instagram decide to implement permanently, we can begin to consider what this means for your business.

As the pressure of social media rises with competition between your followers to gain the most likes, the removal of likes means we can begin to see posts and photos for what they really are, rather than based on numbers. There is no longer this popularity scale which is originally held on Instagram and other social media platforms, and your audience can begin to make their own opinion.

That's why Gem Media urge you to focus on building your Content and branding your Social Media in a creative, compelling way for that is the future of social.

The anxiety problems we have in society plays hand-in-hand with the likes we get on social media, and clearly, Instagram, itself is aware of the issue that this can cause. Turning off likes, however, can be seen as a positive for businesses to remove points of comparison and status. There will be no ability to rank between posts on Instagram if this was to become permanent, and we can begin to post freely without having this as a worry.

We want to hear from you, what do you think of Instagram making likes invisible?

Will this impact businesses? For the better or worse?

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