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‘The Ad of the Summer – Boots Body Confidence’

Television adverts can be viewed as an older way of advertising, and a much more traditional way, compared to the digital methods we have today. However, when it’s done right, it’s a very successful method as it reaches a mass audience and it does gets everyone talking.

Boots have done just this with their latest advert for Summer 2019, called “Lets Feel

Good About Summer.” As we approach the warmer months, women are constantly

targeted with bikini and beach body-ready advertisements, pressuring us to get fit

and look good for Summer.

The health and beauty retailer decided to take a different approach for their advert,

and instead, focused on body confidence in their marketing strategy.

Boots revealed that their survey found that '76% of women in the UK have avoided

summer activities because they feel self-conscious'. These results must have fuelled

their inspiration to centre their newest campaign about body image, inspiring those

across the country to feel great about themselves and to not feel pressured to meet

societies view of being ‘summer ready.’

The advert creates a feel-good vibe after watching two women embark on their

holiday, ignoring the opinions of others and heading to the beach in their bikinis.

We love seeing examples of marketing being done right, and adverts like this,

receive great reactions from their audiences by doing something different. By

thinking outside of the box, sometimes you can create more engagement by giving

the public something to talk about, whether they agree or disagree!

Let us know what you think about this latest campaign from Boots.

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