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How B2B has transformed and modernised in the digital-age

Traditional business-to-business marketing consists of marketing

strategies that follow typically boring and older conventions to appeal to a corporate audience.

With the development of technology, digital platforms and consumer lifestyles and

habits, the B2B world has drastically changed. What we did know as B2B no longer

exists, and when it is implemented, it is used alongside modern techniques and

marketing tools.

B2B has now become modernised, and similar in our approach with fun, exciting

B2C businesses. With the ability to deliver great customer experience and direct

service, the fundamental transformation over recent years is evident in the marketing


Companies need to transform and respond to these challenges set by the industry

and lifestyle changes, to ensure that they are appropriately meeting their client’s

needs. Buyers now rely on digital resources including videos, reviews, blogs and

social media for their services.

This cultural change comes from digital transformations, and with open-mindedness

and change, a company can easily reflect upon this to make their voice heard. This

move from being product-centric to customer-centric can be difficult to appeal to

modern customers, but when putting themselves in the shoe of the customer to

identify their needs, this can be met.

Just like how modern customers expect customization in their B2C experiences, they

also want it in their B2B interactions.

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