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Brands need to get personal for Social success

The key to Social Media really is in the name… to be social!

It sounds simple enough, yet we are still seeing a lot of businesses using social media platforms in a corporate B2B manner.

By using Social Media in a professional tone of voice will not only be boring for your viewers, but will also deter potential customers from interacting and engaging with your business online.

It can be daunting to portray your professional image online, in a personal way, and above all put your face behind the brand, but in 2019 this is what consumers want.

People buy off people.

44% of consumers are willing to switch to brands that better personalise their marketing communications.

By taking a different approach and showing your personality, you will appear authentic. According to Stackla, 86% of people say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. However, from a marketing perspective, there is guidelines when determining how far you can go with personalising your brand.

If your personalisation efforts aren’t aggressive enough, your brand will come off as uncaring. But personalise too aggressively, and your brand is likely to put off some of the consumers that it was hoping to wow.

So, how best to approach your personal marketing?

1. Images - Share imagery and content that represents your brands values and branding, as well as photos of you / the team.

2. Instagram & Facebook Stories - Show behind the scenes and video your workplace settings.

3. Instagram & Facebook Live - Go Live and share your latest projects, client wins, meetings etc.

4. Challenges - Share your challenges. The struggle is real and your audience want to know what you're up against. Let them be part of your journey.

5. Captions - Lose the corporate jargon and let your tone of voice come out for a human-to-human approach.

If you would like to discuss your plan of action for personal marketing, please email

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