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How do you know what to post on Instagram?

This was a question I was recently asked at one of my Instagram Workshops and it made me think, whilst I can go in to great depths about Instagram’s features and how businesses can use it to benefit their business promotions, a lot of the time, it’s not the platform, it’s the content

Do you find that you have a mental block when it comes to knowing what content to post on Instagram?

This is likely to be because you are busy working on your business, and do not have time to work in your business. Most of us solopreneurs are time poor and use social media as a portfolio of your work. The quickest way to encourage people to unfollow you!

As a follower, we are natural consumers and when we are scrolling through Instagram, we want to see captivating, fun, engaging and interactive content.

Write your Marketing Strategy!

To eliminate the pressure of posting every day, multiple times per day, it’s a good idea to write down on paper what your marketing strategy is.

Your Marketing strategy should cover the next three months and have one sole campaign per month. You will then know to post content the whole of that month relevant to your campaign.

What type of posts should you include?

Here are 10 ideas for you to post, in line with your campaign:

  1. Behind the scenes shots

  2. Photos of clients/ your team / your suppliers

  3. Provide a tip

  4. Quote of the day

  5. A promotion or special offer

  6. Upcoming Events

  7. Create your own videos or share other cool videos

  8. Host a competition or giveaway

  9. Flatlay of products

  10. Photos of you

If you are struggling with what content to post on Instagram and would like to put a Marketing Strategy together for the next three months, or if you would like to attend the next Instagram Workshop, please email

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