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Community Management should be your focus and here's why...

Social Media and gaining followers is one thing, but building a community who supports your brand is another.

A Social Media Manager is typically someone who is your brand voice online and someone who posts content for your brand. However a Community Manager will develop relationships, follow relevant accounts, engage with potential customers and participate in groups. Ultimately someone who is listening to current customers, whilst trying to find new ones.

In this blog post, you can find out how to build a community online to connect, share and grow with.

1. Like & comment on your followings posts on your newsfeed.

When you go to your social media account, do not use it only to post, use it to engage. Scroll through your newsfeed and like your followings posts. Comment on them too so your account name stands out and also because you are building your relationships.

2. Follow the hashtag of the location where your business is based.

Search for the location in which your business is based and follow the hashtag. When you scroll through your newsfeed, posts that have used this location will also appear. You can then engage with potential audiences locally.

3. Follow local business accounts.

When businesses in your local area, use the hashtag of the location, they will appear in your newsfeed. Engage with them and follow their account. You can also search for your location and discover other accounts within your area.

4. Invite local influencers to your business.

Spread the word about your business and identify people who are active & credible on social media and invite them to sample your business. Ask them to upload content to their social media and tag you for their following to see.

5. Share posts into local Facebook groups.

Whilst Community Management is popular across all channels, on Facebook in particular, the use of groups is very useful to reach more people. You can share the posts from your business page into local groups to encourage more people to like your page.

Social Media Management and Community Management are two different roles and together they can make a huge impact in your online world!

Turn your followers into loyal fans.

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