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Marketing is the new selling

A recent study from Google found that 'more than 60% of the sale is complete before sales engagement begins' and do you know why?

Because Marketing scopes the sale, interacts and then engages with them. Marketing gets their first nowadays, especially from the power of social media.

Previously, in larger organisations Marketing would supply the sales team with leads and the sales team would finish things up, categorising a lead as an ineffective lead, warm prospect or ultimately a WIN!

However, the consumer behaviour has changed and they don't buy like they use too. Pushy sales tactics do not work and customers actually have begun to cut the middle man out and make a direct transaction from the point of being marketed to the sale.

Consumers also like to do their research. The need for customer generated content is huge and your business needs reviews! They want to see what people say about your business and often digest a large amount of content before they make a decision. Again, this is why Marketing is the new selling because they are content creators and know exactly what to send the client, should they ask, unlike sales teams who are always requesting collateral.

I've been speaking a lot about targeted marketing recently and with Marketing's ability to find their target audience through social media, as well as understanding what their customers want to know during their buying journey, is exactly why business owners need to understand Marketing is the new selling.

Marketing and sales need to be integrated, not isolated, for multiple reasons:

1. So Marketing can carry out targeted marketing and provide great content.

2. Marketing understand what the customer pain points are and use the right terminology.

3. Marketing can manage lead pools and send relevant communication based on their interaction with the brand to encourage sales.

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