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Why Marketing is important right now...

Marketing your business is always an important task, but now more so than ever. Covid-19 has caused global disruption to businesses and whilst the majority of us are trying to keep it together, by re-arranging finances, organising staffing and keeping customers updated, a lot of businesses are dismissing marketing.

A lot of the time businesses do marketing when they need to make a quick sale. It's based on an ad-hoc, impulse communication and mostly consists of promotions and offers. This way of Marketing is inconsistent and Gem Media never recommend this way of selling your services...

But since the pandemic took over and we have been in discussion with business owners, it's become apparent this way of Marketing is more common than we thought! Businesses have paused their Marketing because they have nothing to sell at present, due to business closures by the UK Government and we wanted to shine light on why your marketing is important right now:

1. Brand Exposure

Marketing is not always about ad-hoc offers and generating instant sales. Marketing is ultimately to tell your audience what services you offer and what type of business you are. Your posts should share your brand tone of voice and logo so that no matter where you advertise, your audience can identify it as an ad from your business.

With the increase of people at home online, now is the time to communicate what you do and how you can help them. If you feel your audience are not listening as their mind is not in a 'consuming/buying' mood, consider ways to talk to them which is on their level. What are they thinking about right now?

By focusing on exposing your brand further during this unprecedented time, when this is all over, your audience are likely to think of you first when wanting someone who offers your services.

"When things are good, you should advertise. When things are bad, you must advertise!"

2. Customer Relationships

During your business closure, you won't be seeing your customers and to maintain the relationship you have with them, you can Market to them to keep the rapport. As we have explained, Marketing is not just for Sales, so this type of communication can consist of humanised posts. For example, Meme's, videos, Tik Tok videos are a great way of subtle and indirect communication to keep your customers tuned in!

Occasional giveaways and tips are also a good idea during this time to keep customers engaged. Don't forget to share the love and like and comment on your customer photos too.

3. Long-Term Sales

To Market Effectively in the unpredictable days ahead, a new strategy should be incentivised that will help your business bounce back once it reopens. Strategies can be created by plotting your plan for long-term sales. What type of communication can you put out now will help you on your return? What do you want to sell more of when you open? Share reviews, photos & content similar to your objective.

By sharing your brand tone of voice and building customer relationships, you will help develop your business to attract sales in the near future.

This worldwide outbreak can be scary, but it can also be a good time to re-evaluate your current Marketing and think of new ways to get heard. A lot of your competitors have paused their Marketing so now is your time to shine!


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