A Marketing Guide for the Hair & Beauty Industry - What to do NOW and What to do AFTER Covid-19

Most of you have gone from working long hours, seeing so many clients and generally being rushed off your feet to a complete standstill.

Regardless if you work as a salon owner, salon worker, mobile or from home, you would have had a similar thought process and emotion as other people within your industry during this time.

Do you continue to promote your business even though no one can book? Is it unethical of you to shout how amazing your business is right now? Do you attempt to make some money for cash-flow? The questions are endless and whilst I cannot give you all the answers, I can certainly help guide you on the best Marketing practice for the Now and the After.

First of all, I want to highlight that you have been gifted with time, a rarity for most business owners within your industry. You have the time to work 'ON' your business, rather than 'IN' your business and NOW is the time to grow and take it to the next level! Have you ever head of the saying "The best come-back is one from a set-back!"? You will bounce back after all of this and have a more streamlined, professional and successful business... if you want to.

So, What Marketing should you be doing right 'NOW'?

Your clients want to be connected to you and as their guru, therapist and life coach they want to hear your reassurance. Update your social media channels and let them hear from you. What are you doing right now? Do not be afraid to get personal and share what you are doing during Isolation. If you still want to create, then what about doing virtual styling and going live? Show off your knowledge and expertise whilst giving tips for them at home.

Reach out to your clients and check in on them and if they haven't already done so, ask them to leave you a review over on your Facebook business page and your Google business page. Share your testimonials and reviews across your Social Media in the hope to attract new clients for when you re-open.

Give your business a full Marketing audit and look through your online network. Who are your followers and who are you following? There is no point in communicating on your social media if you are talking to the wrong people. Are your followers people who match your 'ideal client persona'? Spend some time actively looking for them online and engaging with them. Use this time to grow your social media in an effective way.

Look at other ways of communicating with your clients and implement email marketing, if you haven't already done so. Add your clients email addresses to a mailing list and send them out newsletters in addition to your other marketing exercises. If you already have a mailing list, look through your data and update it. Check your statistics and see how successful your emails are for your business and ways in which you can improve your newsletters moving forward. Why not plan ahead and schedule some e-mails to save you time when you're back open?

Another excellent way of communicating with your clients is SMS marketing. Research some systems and look at inputting clients mobile numbers in for quick, automated, direct messages.

With the extra capacity in your day-to-day schedule, up skill and book on to online courses. Brush up on your skills and launch a new service when you re-open.

If you work in a salon environment, it is likely you cross paths with co-workers when at work and rarely have the opportunity to speak with them or find out more about them. At a time when most people need uplifting, focus on boosting employee morale and ch